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“There will always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.”

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Products Customers Love

Our goal is to support your healthy body and soul through right food products. Here are some of the products our customers love –

Low-carb/Keto items

1/3 of Canadians are either pre-diabetic or diabetic. We encourage low sugar, low carb products. From Red Square breads, Glutenull gluten-free and keto cookies and no-sugar chocolates, you don’t have to feel the lack of food when you are on low-carb diet.

Farm-direct Organic Veggie Box

We are working with local organic farm in Richmond to bring the freshest vegetables to our customers.

Miles from Cherry Lane farm is 3rd generation farming family and he’s been supplying Vancouver’s top restaurants, such as Shangri-La, The Botanist (omg!), La Quercia, La Buca, Espana, etc. Please contact us if you would like to get on the list.

Farm-direct Organic Free-range Eggs 

When we missed the order deadline for organic eggs from our main supplier, we had to track down the farm to pick up a case ourselves. That was a year ago. Since we build a friendship with Steve, the owner of Eastbrooke organic farm from which we get freshest eggs every week. Note: bring your own carton.

Gluten-free Products

Are you on gluten-free? From Italian pasta to hand-made pierogies and dumplings, we got you covered. 🙂

Fresh Bread from Artisan Bakery from N. Van.

This authentic german style bread and cookies are selling fast. This local company faithfully uses top ingredients from Anita’s organic flours.


Local Icecreams

Vancouver is experiencing beautiful Renaissance in Icecream world. From extra creamy Earnest to organic sugar-free Umaluma and whimsical dairy-free SayHelloSweets, we try to bring as much local icecreams to this part of the town. Please note we do not carry Nestle icecream products.


Local Organic Kombucha on Tap

If you are from Vancouver or visiting Vancouver, you have to try local kombuchas! We currently have Hoochy Booch local kombucha on tap and in bottles!