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By Jin

Smash your garlic!

On 19, Feb 2019 | In Health Tips, Health Tips & Recipes | By Jin

By Christina Wilton, Dragonfly Thrive

Smash your garlic – then pause!

To get the powerful anti-microbial benefits from the allicin available in garlic, we need to break the cellular walls in the garlic clove. The enzyme allinase will be released from the cell walls and mix with the alliin compound to become the magical allicin. Be careful though, heat will denature or inactivate the allinase enzyme and then the allicin will not be created.

There is a quick an easy fix, when you are cooking dinner, let the first task be to smash your garlic. In just 10 minutes, the magic will happen. The resulting allicin can withstand the heat of cooking, will remain active in your meal and provide all the anti-microbial goodness you are looking for.