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By Jin

Documentaries to watch

On 30, Jul 2018 | In Community Blog | By Jin

I received this lovely email from Alison, our new customer. I thought I’d share in this community blog.

Hello Jin,

Here are the main documentaries which shape the way I live; there is just too much waste and suffering (for people and animals), too much destruction of environment, so I try not to cause more suffering and damage.

1. The Story of Stuff

2. The No Impact Man

3. Forks over Knives (promotes a plant-based diet)
4. Food Inc. (diet and environment)
5. Queen of the Sun (about bees, loss of pollinator habitat, where I learned about the healing benefits of Manukah honey — it works on my very bad eczema)
6. Just Eat It (food waste, filmed partially in vancouver)

From Alison