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Our Story

June, 2018

October, 2016

It started with Kimchi and Chutney.

One night after dinner, Ray and I were talking about the importance of gut health and food. And soon it led to our boasting about each other’s culture’s fermentation rich food, listing arrays of delicious Korean Kimchi and Indian Chutney.

Then, we thought it would be amazing if we could introduce healthy foods in Korea, India and all around the world to locals, including the delicate culinary culture of fermentation.

That’s when something clicked for us. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sell food we believe in?

Being a web professional, I immediately started planning an online store, and Ray, a business operations consultant, began to research physical stores.

Fast-forwarding a dynamic 9 months, here we are announcing the beginning of our food ventures on our website. Of course, a bit of luck was involved in getting here, like how we stumbled upon Harvey’s lovely store in Kerrisdale, happened to have a friend who imports quinoa and hemp seeds, and many like-minded people we met along the way.

We invite you to our journey, and wish to add positive dietary support to your journey.

– Jin & Ray


About West Wood Organics

Previously known as Westwood Organic Produce, West Wood Organics is located next to the beautiful Kerrisdale landmark Redwood tree.

Originally established in 1993 by Jennifer and Harvey, it has been a neighbourhood grocer serving the upscale community with beautifully prepared fresh vegetables and unique natural food products.

In October 2016, the well-loved couple decided to retire and spend more time with their grandchildren.

West Wood will continue to operate under the new owners, Jin and Ray, and provide excellent service and quality food to Kerrisdale community as shown by example by the original owners.