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Accepting Micro Shop Proposals

Thanks for your interest in West Wood’s micro shop project!


Here’s the background story –

Ray and I purchased West Wood in October 2016 when I wanted to change my career from design and take the plunge into health foods I was passionate about.

The last two and a half years have been a steep learning curve yet super exciting ride of entrepreneurship for us! We’ve come a long way from being a novice grocer crying over a case of over ripe bananas to being known for carrying the best local products. We have learned a lot about how food can be used as medicine, gut to brain connections, and I even went vegetarian for moral and environmental reasons.


To make a long story short,

we simply have too much space for what we need, and we feel that the neighbourhood needs something more EXCITING.

Then came an ahah moment, what if we bring in other passionate professionals who can share the space with us? We hope this idea generates a synergy and creates something more interesting than what we currently offer.

What type of businesses would be a good fit?

Our customers often ask for the following, and we think that one or more of these opportunities would be a good fit with our business mission:

  • Zero waste refill shop
  • Healthy grab-n-go sandwiches, salads, soups
  • Glutenfree / Vegan / Keto baked goods and desserts
  • Natural, cruelty-free personal care products and apparels


What’s the neighbourhood like?

In comparison to Kits or Main street, Kerrisdale is more on the chill side. But there are 3-4 major schools in the area, all major banks and many offices. It appears to us that most of the workers in the area are looking for quick and easy meals to take out to their office or home.


More about the space & rent

As for the space, it is under C2 zoning. We can get a kitchen (non-grease) licence easily as we have a roughed-in kitchen space. There is also a walk-in cooler that can be shared. Our space also has large deck that is not currently used.

The areas that we want to rent out, hopefully before the summer comes, is storefront and part of the deck. Within the store itself, we can discuss to meet your business needs. Rentals for cooler and wall shelves are available too.

Rent will run anywhere between $500 – $3600/month + hydro. If you are a young entrepreneur who wants to test out retail, don’t feel discouraged,  come and talk to us.

If you can’t afford full-time staff, we can discuss the potential of sharing our resources. We are open to discussing logistics


Our requirements are

  1. Must have a strong branding plan
  2. Must have strong marketing plan
  3. Must have positive vision about wellness and environment


If it interests you, please email us with

  • Your business information
  • Your experience
  • Applicable licenses and credentials
  • Your marketing & branding plan
  • Your needs / how we can help


Email: team(at)

Thank you for checking it out!

Jin & Ray