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Zimt by Emma

On 26, Mar 2017 | In | By Jin

Zimt by Emma

We are so excited (I know I say this a lot. I actually mean it every time!) to present this – beautiful – vegan – raw – cacao – chocolate by Emma from Zimt!

Zimt has not only a great chocolate but also delightful owner to work with!

A few FAQs from Zimt’s website –


The raw food industry is gaining momentum and is a great indication that people are wanting to consume more consciously.

A healthful raw foods diet (or meal!) should focus on whole, fresh, minimally processed foods – sprouts, greens, raw soaked nuts and seeds, fruit, and even some “superfoods”, if you feel so inclined (more on superfoods below!).

Raw cacao has recently gotten a lot of attention- some tests done, including those by the United States Department of Agriculture, show that raw cacao has some of the highest levels of antioxidants of any food.

The main difference between raw chocolate and regular chocolate, processing wise, is that the cacao beans in raw chocolate are not roasted, nor do they reach temperatures above about 49 °C. This number is considered by many to be the point at which digestive aiding enzymes can stay alive in most foods though this does vary greatly depending upon the food! In fact, as cacao beans are a little heartier, they are able to withstand higher temperatures than say, baby spinach, and keep more of their nutrients.

As raw cacao has not been processed in the same way as regular cacao, it can have some stimulating effects on people- for example, a lot of people say that they can’t eat raw cacao at night- or they won’’t be able to sleep! People who don’t consume many other stimulants (such as caffeine, white sugar, or alcohol) may be more sensitive to the stimulating effects of raw cacao.


All Zimt chocolate is made with our eighty percent (80%) cocoa content. We often hear that when it comes to chocolate cocoa content percentage that, “the higher the better”. Keep in mind, though, that Zimt is not using any regular cacao—we are using raw cacao, which generally is much, much higher in antioxidant levels than regular chocolate. Plus, the sweetener we use, coconut sugar, is all good- you don’’t have to worry about increasing the cacao content in the chocolate you eat to avoid cane sugar when you eat Zimt!

For more information, please visit Emma’s website