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Simmer Sauces by Umi’s Kitchen

By Heather B

On 11, Feb 2017 | In | By Heather B

Simmer Sauces by Umi’s Kitchen

Mmmm …. nothing like a fragrant, spicy stew to warm up a winter night (and if you’re a Vancouverite, you’ve no doubt been gaining a whole new appreciation for winter this year)! Umi’s Kitchen simmer sauces, produced right here in Vancouver and waiting for you at West Wood Organics, are one of those rare “convenience foods” you can feel great about serving and eating.

Unlike many of the alternatives, Umi’s sauces contain no added sugar, soy, seed oils, or nasty chemicals with unreadable names. Best of all, they’re delicious. If you like your Indian food spicy-hot, you might want to crank up the intensity of these sauces with some additional cayenne or chili, but the original spice blends are plenty tasty and aromatic.

West Wood Organics is currently carrying Umi’s Butter Chicken and Coconut Curry simmer sauces. (The Butter Chicken sauce can be used to make that dish but does not contain any meat products.)

In addition to simmering meat and/or veggies with your Umi sauce, consider some of these alternatives:

  • Use it as a warm or cold dressing for a chicken or shrimp “caesar” salad.
  • Mix it with mayonnaise for an egg or tuna salad.
  • Serve it over pasta or spaghetti squash for an Indian-Italian fusion dish.
  • Stir fry it with cubes of tempeh and spinach for a quick lunch.
  • Sweeten it with honey or stevia and serve it over ice cream, yogurt, fruit and/or waffles.

Keep a couple of jars on hand, and you’ll be armed with an easy way to add flavour and flair to meals and snacks!