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Organic Turmeric Honey by Everland

By Jin

On 09, Apr 2017 | In | By Jin

Organic Turmeric Honey by Everland

You heard it right! It’s organic turmeric and honey in a bottle!

First off, I’m not a regular turmeric user. I’d lean toward ginger or garlic before trying turmeric. But, my recent experiment has changed this.

Right after feeling a nasty germy invasion,  I took my go-to home remedies – raw garlic, manuka honey and oil of oregano. And then, I threw in one more that we had in store – turmeric powder and raw honey.

Yes, I felt better next morning, so I stopped them all except for the turmeric and honey combo. As it was a nice night-time drink, I continued to drink it. Now, it’s been a month.

The biggest change since then is the sleep. I’m a light sleeper, but since I started with the concoction, I’ve been sleeping like baby!

Hoping to make the process more efficient, I brought this amazing product – Turmeric Honey – from Everland.