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Oats by Cedar Isle Farm

On 24, Mar 2017 | In | By Jin

Oats by Cedar Isle Farm

Yes. I’m Insta-holic. I do a lot of research on health food products on Instagram. I learn from other ‘grammers who are actively involved in local food artistry.

One local food heroes that stood out to me were Jim, Diane and Yoshi from Cedar Isle Farm. Their oats were very highly received in the local farmer’s market crowd. The oats doesn’t go through heat process,so it is recommended to be refrigerated to preserve freshness. We currently house Rolled Oats and Steel-Crimped oats.

From Cedar Isle Farm’s website:

Established in 2009, Cedar Isle Farm Organic Grains CSA provides the Lower Mainland with locally produced grain and flour. The grain crops are all grown and cared for at our family farm in Agassiz, B.C. and all our products are certified organic.

Read more on Cedar Isle Farm here.