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By Jin

What type of eater are you?

On 10, Nov 2016 | In Food Tips | By Jin

I’ve been obsessed with cauliflower rice. I decided to expand the use of it other than as a rice replacement by including it in my gluten-free flour mix for baked goods, which includes coconut flour, tapioca flour and oat flour.

My first experiment was cauli-muffin. It turned out ok for a muffin made with veggies (added a bit of broccoli as well)! So I thought, until they were cold-shouldered by the house guests.

That was perplexing to me. I prefer eating something that is made with healthy ingredients even if its taste can be challenging. In fact, it’s easier than swallowing my favourite ice cream since there’s no guilt attached!

Then, I started thinking about eating styles of people, and realized there were obvious patterns.

  1. Functional eater: They eat to live. You will hear them saying, “I can’t wait to eat in a pill form. 3 pills a day!”
  2. Pleasure eater: They live to eat. They seek pleasure in delicious foods. I bet it’s they who invented chocolate fountain…
  3. Label reader: They read before eating. Reading about the food they are about to eat convinces them it’s delicious. For them, delicious = good for body
  4. Emotional eater: We all do this regardless of what eater type you are. However, if you find yourself binging when lonely and stressed and starving next day frequently, you may be this type. (I think the best way to fix this bad habit is to be around people more and have a strict meals plan so that you never go hungry)
  5. Social/Status eater: They often talk more about the restaurants and chefs more than foods and ingredients.
  6. Activist eater: They make conscious choice on what they eat. E.g. they eat local food to advocate environmental sustainability; they boycott companies who tests with animals; they will only eat fair-trade coffee.

I am a functional eater and label reader, and my partner’s a pleasure eater. We don’t always agree on dinner ideas, but when  successful, our dinners turn out to be healthy and delicious. : )